Friday, October 5, 2012

Cara Mengukur Badan utk Saiz Premium Beautiful

Premium Beautiful ni unique for everybody. Setiap orang mempunyai size yang tersendiri.

So, how do you measure your size? Well, ada 4 measurements that you have to measure.

And bear in mind, measurement mesti kena dalam cm / sentimeter.

First of all, measure your bust (dada / puncak).


Then, measure you underbust (bawah dada).

Third, measure your waist (pinggang).


Lastly, measure your buttock (punggung).


Provide all of the measurements to me, and I'll convert them to your Premium Beautiful size...:) As simple as that.

Kalau nak Ros measure pun boleh. Just give me a call...  Kalau yang tinggal jauh, you can ask me to send your set of Premium Beautiful to you, boleh courier sampai ke Brunei .. Ros pun dah ada customer based @ Brunei ...  :))

As usual, I do accept full payment of cash, credit card or installment. Whichever that suits you.  Kalau bayar cash or credit card, ada cash discount or free gift Sogo/Jusco shopping voucher or Coach wristlet (brand new with tag, bought in the USA) .. best kan !!!

Contact me @ 017-6050188 for your Premium Beautiful set today !!  :)

Love & cheers
Roslynna Md Nor

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